How does Ebates work?

Ebates is an online platform which will give you cash back each time you make purchases from their partners. It is very simple to use Ebates. Go to, search for your store and relevant offers( like Amazon) and click the “shop now” option. You will now be redirected to their partner website. Now you just have to shop like a normal customer and make your purchase. A certain percentage of the purchase value will be shown in your Ebates account as cash back.

Ebates offers different rates of cash back for different e-commerce websites. They make money from the affiliate marketing. For example, if you purchased books worth $ 500 from Amazon, they will get 4% cash back. They will share half of that commission with you as cash back.

You can also earn cash back by referring your friends and relatives. Apart from cash back, there are exciting offers too which can be used with cash backs. You won’t have to pay anything for using Ebates.

What are some pros and cons of using Ebates?

I Like

1. Ebates browser extension allows you to get cash back without visiting each time you make any purchase online. 2. You can also get offline cash back by tying your credit card with Ebates account. 3. It is completely free and there are no annual charges. 4. Cash back is credited within 7 days. 5. Signing up is easy and they provide bonus points for various tasks- making purchases within a limited time, buying a particular product and more. 6. They don’t ask for financial details except for bank account where cash back should be transferred. 7. You can browse offers from different brands and websites at one place.

I Dislike

1. Sometimes tracking orders may be delayed. 2. Some websites are not eligible for cash back. 3. Payment is made every quarter instead of every month. 4. You can lose your cashback if you refund a product. 5. Cash back for few categories may not be available on one website and it may be available on others. Many users have faced this issue while shopping with eBay and Amazon.6. If you have not installed their extension, you will have to log in to your Ebates account to earn cash back. It is common for users to forget this while making online purchases.

Conclusion is very useful for regular shoppers but it is not a get rich scheme. Most of the categories like books, food, and drinks, furniture, electronics, etc are covered by Ebates. Although initial benefits might seem small but regular users have appreciated the extra cash that they are getting at regular intervals. Also, with offers and discounts from different brands at one website, you won’t have to look for discounts anywhere else.